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What We Do

Program Initiatives

These below program initiatives reflect WAKSAW’s commitment to advancing the field of archaeology, promoting cultural heritage, and fostering an understanding of historical contexts through a variety of dynamic and collaborative approaches.

Archaeological Excavations

  • Conducting fieldwork at significant Buddhist archaeological sites.

  • Expanding to other cultural and historical sites in the future.


Community Outreach and Education

  • Conducting workshops, lectures, and educational programs for the public.

  • Involving local communities in archaeological projects.


Exhibitions and Displays

  • Curating exhibitions to showcase findings.

  • Collaborating with museums for public displays.


Research and Analysis

  • Detailed study and analysis of artifacts and findings.

  • Publishing research papers and reports.


Preservation and Conservation

  • Working towards the preservation of archaeological sites.

  • Implementing measures for the conservation of artifacts.


Funding and Grants

  • Securing funding for archaeological projects.

  • Providing grants and support for independent research in related fields.


Collaboration with Academic Institutions

  • Partnering with universities and research centers for joint projects.

  • Facilitating academic research and scholarship in the field of archaeology.


Technological Integration

  • Utilizing advanced technology in archaeological exploration.

  • Adopting digital archiving related artificial intelligence for preserving records and findings.


Policy Advocacy

  • Advocating for policies that support archaeological research and site preservation.

  • Engaging with governmental and non-governmental organizations on cultural heritage matters.


Engagement with the Sangha

  • Creating platforms for dialogue between Buddhist monastic communities and archaeologists.

  • Integrating spiritual insights with historical research.


Cultural Exchange Programs

  • Organizing international exchange programs for scholars and researchers. Promoting cross-cultural understanding of historical contexts.


Global Networking

  • Building a global network of archaeologists, historians, and cultural experts.

  • Facilitating international cooperation in archaeological endeavors.


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