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Bridging History and Academia

WAKSAW serves as a vibrant nexus of collaboration, uniting with universities worldwide—including Quaid-I-Azam University, Harvard University, and the University of Birmingham—among others, to delve into global cultural heritage through diverse academic workshops and programs. This broad network of partnerships underscores WAKSAW's commitment to fostering academic excellence and cultural understanding across continents.

A Fusion of Expertise

This partnership symbolizes a fusion of archaeological expertise and academic scholarship. Our joint initiative with academic insitutions focuses on comprehensive research covering all aspects of Uddiyana Buddhism's history, from its spiritual teachings to its cultural and historical impacts.

Multidimensional Research Approach

The Cooperative Research Center is dedicated to a multidimensional research approach. We delve into archaeological excavations, historical document analysis, and cultural studies. This collaboration allows for a holistic exploration of Uddiyana Buddhism, providing insights into its profound influence and legacy.

Goals and Aspirations

Our primary goal is to deepen the understanding of Uddiyana Buddhism's heritage. We aim to disseminate this knowledge through Sangha, academic publications, conferences, and public lectures, thereby contributing significantly to the global understanding of Buddhist studies.

Join Our Journey

We invite scholars, students, and enthusiasts of Buddhist history and archaeology to engage with the Cooperative Research Center. Together, let's embark on this enlightening journey to uncover and share the hidden treasures of Uddiyana Buddhism's past.

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