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Mission and Vision


At WAKSAW Archaeological Alliance, we are dedicated to preserving and illuminating the rich heritage of Asian Buddhism civilization, alongside our broader focus on global archaeological and cultural heritage. Our mission is to protect historical Buddhism artifacts, structures, and sites for future generations, fostering a culture of curiosity and lifelong learning. We utilize advanced technology and educational resources to promote local and global engagement with cultural heritage. Our efforts in advocacy and collaboration aim to enhance awareness and preserve the extensive legacy of Buddhism, contributing to the broader narrative of our shared past.


WAKSAW Archaeological Alliance envisions a world deeply engaged with its history, particularly the profound influences of Asian Buddhism. As a leader in archaeological preservation and education, we use cutting-edge technology and interdisciplinary collaboration to unearth and disseminate the stories of our intertwined histories. We strive to create a global community that values and actively participates in the preservation of cultural heritage, understanding the significance of historical sites and artifacts. Our goal is to bridge the past with the present, ensuring that the rich lessons of Buddhism and other historical insights continue to enlighten our future.

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