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Support WAKSAW Archaeological Alliance

Contributing to the Preservation of History

As a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization in the US, WAKSAW Archaeological Alliance greatly values and depends on the generosity and support of its members and friends. Your contributions play a crucial role in our efforts to explore and preserve archaeological heritage.

Forms of Donations

We welcome donations in various forms:

-General Donations: Support us through monthly, quarterly, or bi-annual pledges.

-Event Donations: Contribute to our fundraising events.

-Endowment/Investment Fund: Help us secure a sustainable future.

-Earmarked Donations: Allocate your donation to specific projects.

-Gifts to Scholars: Support our researchers and practitioners.

Making a Donation

All donations to WAKSAW are tax-deductible. For those requiring a receipt, please indicate your preference when donating.


By Email: Contact us at for details on sending checks, money orders, or credit card gifts by mail.

Your Impact

Your support extends beyond financial assistance; it contributes to the invaluable service of preserving our shared human history. Whether through monetary gifts or the offering of professional skills, your contribution to WAKSAW is a testament to the value of preserving our cultural heritage.

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