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Our Story

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Who We Are

The WAKSAW Archaeological Alliance is an international coalition with a dedicated focus on unraveling the intricate history of Buddhism through archaeology. Composed of a diverse group of archaeologists, scholars, and enthusiasts, we are committed to exploring and preserving the ancient Buddhism past. While our initial focus is on Buddhism archaeology, our vision encompasses a broader scope, aiming to expand into other significant areas of historical and cultural significance in the future.

Our Genesis

WAKSAW was founded by a group of visionary lovers of archaeology and archaeologists from various parts of the world. They recognized the need for a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach in archaeological exploration, particularly in studying Buddhism history. This initiative was also about bridging the gap between the Sangha, the Buddhism monastic community, and academic researchers, fostering a dialogue enriched by diverse perspectives.

Our Philosophy

We at WAKSAW believe in the profound importance of each archaeological find, especially in the context of Buddhism history. Each site and artifact is a storyteller, a custodian of ancient wisdom and traditions. Our mission extends beyond mere excavation; it is about preserving and interpreting these finds in a way that connects historical insights with contemporary understanding.

Our Approach

WAKSAW adopts a pioneering approach, combining state-of-the-art archaeological techniques with traditional knowledge systems. Our work is not just about unearthing relics; it's about creating a collaborative space where academic researchers and the Sangha can share insights, enhancing the understanding of Buddhism history for all.

Our Focus

Initially, our endeavors are firmly rooted in Buddhism archaeology. However, this is just the starting point. As we grow and learn, WAKSAW plans to broaden its reach, exploring various other realms of historical and cultural archaeology. This expansion will enrich our understanding of the human past in its myriad forms.

Our Achievements

From the outset, WAKSAW has been instrumental in shedding light on previously unexplored aspects of Buddhism history. Our collaborative efforts with global institutions have not only contributed to academic scholarship but have also fostered a deeper connection between historical studies and spiritual practice.

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