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Join Our Mission

WAKSAW Archaeological Alliance invites institutions, researchers, and enthusiasts to collaborate in our mission to unearth and preserve our shared human heritage.

Opportunities for Collaboration

  • Academic and Research Institutions: Engage in joint research, fieldwork, and academic exchanges.

  • Sangha Practitioners: Participate in projects that intersect with Buddhist heritage and practices.

  • Corporate Partners: Provide support through funding, technology, or expertise.

  • Volunteers and Interns: Offer your time and skills in various aspects of our work.

Express Interest:

Contact us with a brief about your organization or personal background and your area of interest in collaboration.

Grant Proposal Submission:

Submit a detailed grant proposal outlining the potential project or area of collaboration.

Review Process:

Our board team will review your proposal and reach out to discuss further steps.

Partnership Agreement:

Upon mutual agreement, we will formalize the collaboration through a partnership agreement.

Steps to Collaborate

Making an Impact Together

Your collaboration with WAKSAW can make a significant impact in preserving the treasures of our past for future generations. Let’s work together to bring history to life!

Contact Us

To initiate your collaboration with WAKSAW, please contact us at We look forward to exploring the potential of our joint efforts.

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