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Her Power Initiative


The "Her Power" initiative, a collaboration between WAKSAW-Uddiyana Archaeological Alliance, Woodenfish Foundation, and Zhenrui Cultural Education Fund, aims to dismantle systemic barriers facing women, especially in rural areas. Founded in response to a pressing need for gender equality identified during the 68th session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, "Her Power" leverages the strengths of its founding organizations to promote women's empowerment and cultural heritage appreciation.


Empowerment through Education and Training

"Her Power" envisions a world where women, irrespective of location or economic status, can access equal opportunities in economic, social, and cultural spheres. The initiative focuses on connecting urban business leaders with rural women entrepreneurs, providing education, vocational training, and business opportunities to foster a diverse and inclusive commercial society. With a goal to establish service centers worldwide, "Her Power" champions a global network of female leaders committed to sustainable change and gender equality.

Connection between Rural and Urban Worlds

Bridging the divide between urban business leaders and rural women entrepreneurs is a key objective of the "Her Power" vision. The initiative seeks to forge strong bonds between these disparate worlds, facilitating access to markets, finance, and networks that can transform the economic landscape for rural women. By creating channels for communication and collaboration, "Her Power" aspires to foster a vibrant community of women leaders who are interconnected and supportive of one another's ambitions.

Sustainability and Global Leadership

Sustainability is at the core of "Her Power's" vision, not only in terms of environmental stewardship but also in ensuring the lasting impact of women's economic empowerment. The initiative envisions a world where women are not only participants in the economy but also leaders shaping the future of sustainable development. Through innovative partnerships and a commitment to corporate social responsibility, "Her Power" aims to cultivate a new generation of female leaders poised to make a global impact.

A World of Equal Opportunities

The ultimate vision of the "Her Power" initiative is to create a world where every woman, regardless of her background, has the opportunity to contribute to and benefit from economic, social, and cultural development. This world is one where women's leadership is celebrated, their contributions are valued, and their potential is limitless. "Her Power" seeks to make this vision a reality by dismantling the barriers that hold women back and by promoting an inclusive society that thrives on diversity and equality.


The increasing global emphasis on gender equality, driven by a growing awareness and commitment, provides a robust platform for initiatives like "Her Power" to thrive. This initiative leverages the transformative power of technology and innovation to bridge the gap between rural and urban entrepreneurs, offering remote education, digital marketplace access, and networking opportunities. By fostering partnerships with governments, NGOs, and the private sector, "Her Power" expands its reach and amplifies its impact, creating a supportive ecosystem for entrepreneurs globally.


"Her Power" stands out by encouraging businesses to adopt a philanthropic approach as they expand into new markets, aligning their growth with social responsibility efforts and distinguishing their brand from traditional PR strategies. This model not only enhances their commercial brand but also drives societal impact, inviting entrepreneurs to develop an international philanthropic brand identity that differentiates them in the global market.


The initiative also champions empowerment in remote areas, working closely with local and international bodies to provide targeted support through collaborations with local nonprofits. This includes personalized mentoring, skills, and leadership training, focusing on identifying and nurturing exceptional talent. Such efforts are aimed at opening new avenues for individuals, enabling them to transform their lives and economic situations significantly.


At its heart, "Her Power" is a people-centered project that prioritizes individual care and upliftment. Through direct partnerships and personalized support, it establishes a foundation for meaningful change, underscoring the initiative's commitment to promoting gender equality, supporting sustainable development, and enhancing economic empowerment across communities. This holistic approach positions "Her Power" as a catalyst for significant global change, fostering an environment where entrepreneurs can contribute to a more inclusive and equitable world.

Implementaiton Example: Yingji Owner's CSR

A concise example of the "Her Power" initiative in action is the collaboration with Yingji, a Dubai restaurant, which offered internships for two Pakistani women, providing them practical experience and international exposure. This was complemented by Yingji's creation of a CSR product and unique gifts inspired by the Uddiyana region, with profits supporting women from underdeveloped areas. The restaurant's commitment to employing and supporting staff from disadvantaged backgrounds showcases the initiative's capacity to foster global entrepreneurial networks committed to economic growth, cultural preservation, and social empowerment, thereby amplifying "Her Power's" global impact.

Expected Outcomes

The overall remarkable outcome of this innovative power initiative, which connects esteemed women leaders with rural women and girls who are not only entrepreneurs but also distinguished students eager to transform their futures, extends far beyond conventional empowerment. It meticulously cultivates leadership and enhances vocational training skills, serving as a robust foundation for these aspiring women and girls. More importantly, it plays a critical role in the holistic development of their personalities, enabling them to rebuild confidence, strengthen their faith in themselves, and undergo substantial mental growth. This multifaceted empowerment is crucial for preparing them to navigate and succeed on the global stage. By doing so, the initiative not only elevates the individual participants but also sets a powerful precedent for the empowerment of women and girls worldwide, demonstrating the profound and wide-ranging benefits of fostering leadership, skill development, and personal growth among rural women and girls.

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